Standing at just 4ft 8ins, what Bubble lacks in height, she more than makes up for with her bubbling personality and wicked sense of humour.Whether you have a cabaret show, function, special event, or a Morning Melodies, that needs a unique comedy artist. A promotion, show, corporate function, “treasure day” or trivia night, that needs a host and compere or a function that needs an after-dinner speaker – then Bubble is your answer.

Since arriving in Australia, Bubble has already made her mark. She has appeared as a comedy character in a television series, recorded a pilot for a new variety show – as comedy host and co – presenter, and recently appeared as a Comedienne in a new Australian film.

Her own brand of British humour has taken her all over the world, including Scandinavia, Russia, Spain, Malta and most of Europe. BUBBLE has worked to international audiences aboard cruise liners, and appeared regularly at Ceasar’s Palace and The Palladium as well as The World Trade Centre in London, and on two royal estates in England.

Since arriving in Australia, she has travelled many kilometres and appeared at many of the country’s top venues, including the Showroom at Conrad Jupiters, and the Auditorium at the New Seagulls. She has travelled from North Queensland to Southern Australia, from Melbourne and Sydney to the Western towns of Broken Hill and Charleville.

Bubble has recently returned from a her third tour of New Zealand with her show “A Pommie Night Out”, and already has tour dates lined up for her 2 production shows –“A Pommie Night Out” and “Send In The Clones” She has also just been interviewed for a new television documentary.Bubble has appeared with the legendary benny Hill and Tommy Trinder, and she is experienced in working many different venues, from theatres and corporate functions, to cruising, 5 star hotels, Holiday resorts and clubs.Bubble brings her own unique brand of British humour into play. Men of all ages love her, and women laugh at the way she talks about men, marriage, sport and life in general.

If you need someone to “gatecrash” an event, party or function – (turn up as a “guest”, or “plant” – known only to the client and not his other guests) Bubble is ideal – she will turn up, mingle, and provide ad lib and off the cuff repartee according to the client’s requirements.


“Bubble” is also available in her characters of:

  • “Tetley” – the Tea Lady
  • “Bertha” the Bag Lady
  • “Nursey”
  • “Lofty” (It Ain’t ‘Arf Hot Mum)!!

For corporate work, meet and greet, street theatre etc.